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Vastu correct flat brings Promotion

New house new opportunities: 2 Months ago client of mine (currently working in Netherland) asked me to short list flat for them. Based on Vastu and Dowsing principle, I did the Vastu analysis and advised them to buy particular flat. They followed my advised and paid advance amount – 8 weeks ago.

The day they got confirmation (2 days ago) on purchase of this flat, the lady who is the main earner infamiky got promoted to Senior Manager position in IT MNC and to continue working abroad. New flat brought more happiness.

Happy for her family.

Typical checks performed during the site visit:

1. All directions taken from 5 different location within the development
2. GEO pathic stress measurements of flat and area
3. Checking of 7 different types of energies with UT scanner. Including whether flat is suitable or not.
4. Checking of entrance(s) and toilets in the right zones or not. If not then can the simple remedy applicable or not!!!
5. Checking of Positive and negative energies in each of the room.
6. Checking of surrounding, especially concerning this particular flat.
7. Flat number checks against buyer.

This small investment towards Vastu brought happy news and will be fruitful in future as well.

May Maa Bhoo Devi continue to shower more happiness and prosperity.

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