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Lal Kitab Upay – Remedies: Wealth Creation

Lal Kitab for Wealth:

Lately Lal kitab has become very popular because of simple and inexpensive remedies OR UPAY.  Another reason for its popularity is it brings fast results. Lal Kitab for Wealth remedies are very simple to perform but very important to follow it with full trust, faith and regularly where requires.  One can also subscribe own lal kitab report for key remedies for other challenging areas.

I am attaching an image (at the bottom of this page) with few simple yet effective remedies for Wealth creation. One can perform the remedy that fits best for them.

Please note that these mentioned remedies are of general nature but if you wish to know specific remedies based on your Birth chart then you may request for personal Lal Kitab report with 1 year prediction and remedies to perform for better health, wealth and happiness. All the remedies listed in report are also simple to perform and inexpensive.

Cost of personal LAL KITAB report is only Rs 555/-. One can request via email to or WhatsApp on 7776034447 OR 9049410786.

Order your own Lal Kitab Kundali Report for nominal cost of Rs 555/-

List of information provided in the report:

Sample Reports: Mr Sample – English Format Report  and Mrs Sample – Hindi Format Report

Lal Kitab Report Contents:

Total Pages: 91

File Format: PDF

General Predictions from Lal-Kitab

Reason and Upay for every Aspect of life from Lal-Kitab

Planet in House Predictions (Lal-Kitab)

  •    Precautions
  •           Remedies

Assumption of Native Palm through Lal-Kitab

Reason and Upay for every Aspect of life from Lal-Kitab

  •         Health and Diseases related predictions and Upay
  •         Education related predictions and Upay
  •         Money, Business & Employment related predictions and Upay
  •         Residence related predictions and Upay
  •         Marriage, Wife and Family related predictions and Upay
  •         Children and their Health related predictions and Upay
  •         Travel related predictions and Upay

What is KaalSarpa Yoga?

Manglik blemish (dosh) in LalKitab

Result and remedy of Transit Saturn (Gochar Shani) from Lal-Kitab

Description of First phase of Shani Sadesati

Vimshottari Dasha effects and remedies in Lal Kitab

Other Important Predictions from Lal-Kitab

Conjoined Planets result from Lal-Kitab

Lal Kitab Varshaphala – Current Year

Varshaphala Predictions from Lal-Kitab

              Current Birth Year: What to expect and remedies as required

Recommendation for suitable Gemstone (Ratna)

Janma Rashi (Moon Sign) based Rudraksha recommendation

Report Sample in Hindi as well as English format. Cost of the report Rupees 555/- only and its eCopy format. Send an email for payment infoemail for payment info or WhatsApp on 7776034447 or 9049410786.

Mrs Sample – Hindi Format Report

Mr Sample – English Format Report

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Lal Kitab wealth creation by Mystic Solutions


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