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Gomti Chakra: Health Benefits

Following Gomti Chakra remedies can bring health benefits:


  • 21 undamaged and cleansed Gomti Chakra
  • Pure Silver Bowl/Glass
  • Pure Copper Bowl/Glass
  • Pure drinking water
  • Specific Mala to Jap Mantra


  1. Kidney Stone: If one is suffering with stones then this remedy may be beneficial. Before going to bed at night, take pure Silver bowl/glass filled with drinking water Put cleansed 21 Gomti Chakra in same bowl/glass overnight. After waking up in the morning drink same Abhimantrit water before doing anything else. Drink water slowly. Try this remedy for 30-40 days and one will notice relief from stone.
  2. Stomach related problems: If someone suffering from digestive issue or cramp or bowl movement issue then you may want try this remedy. Fill copper bowl/glass with pure drinking water and put 21 cleansed Gomti chakra in the bowl/glass. Keep the water overnight and after waking up in the morning drink same water. Take your time to drink the water. Try this remedy for 30-45 days and one will see relief from stomach related issues.
  3. Poor Eye sight: Make ash of Gomti Chakra (to make ash: Finely grind the Gomti Chakra into powder. Burn this powder to make ash). Mix Gomti Chakra Ash with pure honey and apply this paste on both Toes of the foot. Try this remedy for 21 days and one will see improved eye sight.
  4. Child often falling sick: Wear Gomti Chakra Pendant with Munga (Coral) stone.
  5. Often suffering from Common Illnesses: Wear Gomti Chakra pendant with Moti (Pearl) Stone.

Make sure to recite following Mantra at least for 108 times (1 Mala) or more Mala. Use mala of Rudraksh OR Kamal Ganth or Crystals OR Tulsi Bead Mala.


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Gomti Chakra By Mystic Solutions

Always read our disclaimer and mentioned remedy is not the replacement for medical treatment.

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